Brisa Gel going rubbery and peeling off?


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Feb 29, 2012
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I did a clients nails with brisa hard gel with shellac on top, this was last thursday 21st nov, the client is reporting that the product is turning rubbery and peeling off :cry:
I'm completing full pep-
cuticle away
push back cuticles
lift cuticle
remove cuticle with curette
remove cuticle away with soap and water
dry nails thoroughly
scrub fresh inc under nail
apply nail fresh
scrub fresh again
apply brisa base cure for 10 sec
apply brisa thin layer cure for 120 sec
apply brisa gel cure for 120sec
remove sticky layer and file
then apply shellac 2 coats and top coat, curing inbetween layers
remove sticky layer and apply solar oil

this is the only client that I have a problem with

I'm now at a loss and would love some advice

One thing I did notice in your steps is you missed out the Brisa gloss step before shellac application.
You must finish Brisa hard gel with Brisa gloss as normal Brisa gel is more porus and softer than Brisa Lite. It needs the Brisa Gloss to form a hard protective shell over the soft gel.
Although I can't say why it would be going rubbery! The Shellac maybe if she has been cleaning and not wearing gloves and has come into contact with solvents, but Brisa hard gel is a permanent coating and is impervious to most solvents. Unless you applied it too thin.
You need to get the client in ASAP and have a look at her nails and ask her the questions what has she been doing? Has she been wearing gloves when using household chemicals?
Jen x
Are you using Brisa hard gel or Brisa lite? I'm guessing that you have the Brisa lite based on the fact that you mentioned curing the Brisa base for ten sec? 1st make sure you are using the sculpting gel not the smoothing gel. (The pots look so similar I always have to double and triple check that I grabbed the right one!) Second, I have noticed that the Brisa lite does seem to be a bit more rubbery then the hard gel. One thing to remember (I learned this by trial and error) is that the Lite sculpting gel is for minimal enhancement, if your client needs more support then just some light enhancing (or are really rough on their nails) then you need to use the Brisa hard gel.

I hope that helps and makes sense!
Hi, I am using hard brisa gel ;-) x

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So all I have to do is put brisa hard gel topcoat on first before Shellacing ?

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In the years I've been doing nails, I've never finished my Brisa hard gel enhancements with Brisa gloss before Shellac. I would think if you finished with Brisa gloss before Shellac the surface would be too smooth and the Shellac won't adhere. I always finish my Brisa HG enhancements with a 180 grit file then proceed with Shellac color coat. No need for base coat if used over an enhancement. Check you're bulbs also. Your HG enhancements shouldn't feel rubbery. I do feel that Brisa Lite feels rubbery, but that's just my opinion.

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