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Oct 23, 2008
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I have a client that normally has clear tips and clear acrylic, she has decided to try gel this time. I only trained in Gel last month, so i just wanted to check that my intention is correct...

Prep etc
Apply tips
Brisa Basecoat
Clear Gel
Brisa Gloss

Would you do one or two layers of clear gel? Also i was going to apply clear performance tips, do you think you are going to see the tip smile line through the gel or will this not matter?

Thank you
Hun who did you train with?
Did you not get your education manual in the kit. It explains every step that you need to go through.
You would need to apply it exactly as you were shown in your training, building up your apex etc.
The tips will need to be etched for the Gel to adhere to them, and you will need to blend them slightly on the nail, once the gel goes on you shouldnt see the join through it if you have blended them correctly.
I love Brisa as its the best gel I have ever used, my clients love it too.
If you are really worried why not give your CND educator a ring and see if you can book a 1-2-1 with them if you are unsure as you haven't been using gel since you trained.
Im sorry I cant be of more help.
Jen xxx

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