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Apr 8, 2013
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Co Kildare
Looking for someone to explain what this is to me. Sorry for the dumb questions. Is it just like a gel polish? Why do you put it under Shellac and Vinylux? Does it have to be filed off like gel nails?
Oh and what does l&p mean?
Hi Flic!

You will find lots of answers by using the Search facility, but here are answers to your initial questions, to get you started...

CND Brisa Lite Removable Gels are the next generation in gel technology, combining the superior performance of CND Brisa gel and the superior removability of CND Shellac! They are easy to apply, easy to remove, and wear exceptionally well.

There are actually 2 different Brisa Lite gels: Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel and Brisa Lite Removable Sculpting Gel.

Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel is the Power Partner to CND Shellac. To answer your question, it is used under CND Shellac and Vinylux like someone would use a primer when applying make-up: it smoothes the surface of the nail, and gives strength too. It can also be used alone as a beautiful clear overlay to the natural nail. You cannot extend with Smoothing Gel, but it is great for ridged nails, weaker nails, peeling nails etc and is designed to extend the length of wear of CND Shellac. There is no buffing of the natural nail prior to application and it soaks off cleanly, with no filing or forced removal.

Brisa Lite Removable Sculpting Gel is amazing. It is a soakable gel that is truly sculptable on a tip or form, with 5-finger application possible, as it is not 'runny' like many gel systems. It is perfect for building instant length and shape to nails, or for repairing breaks. It also involves no buffing of the natural nail prior to application and soaks off cleanly, with no filing or forced removal.

As a soakable gel girl, I was thrilled when CND launched it, and it has been fabulous to work with. 😊

More information in the UK and Ireland is available from Sweet Squared (UK distributor of CND products) on 08452106060 and you may find this interesting too:

In answer to your final question: L&P is short for Liquid and Powder. You may have heard this referred to as 'acrylic', but we try to avoid that term on this forum, as it can be pretty confusing... All nails systems are 'acrylic', you see. 😉

Enjoy Salon Geek! xxx

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