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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
Well Mr. Geek,

Now that you are back from Germany can you fill us in on the new gel, as I'm from Ireland I wont get to go to the Olympia so I neeeeeeeeedddddd to know or is it still a secret!
Well it is certainly not a secret anymore!!

I also was in Germany for the Brisa gel launch and I have also been part of the test team for 3 years so I will take this question if you don't mind as Mr. Geek is rather busy at the moment (understatement) with the show over the weekend.

Creative would not have made the massive investment in Research and Development of Brisa gel if it meant it was going to be similar to other gels. So it is different. The technology is patented. The look is gorgeous. The wearbility is durable and longlasting and of course non-lifting.

I will tease you with a few facts about Brisa gel.

Brisa is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not contain many of the known allergens contained in other gels. It is Acrylate free, gluteraldehyde free, and formaldehyde free.

Brisa gel has the beautiful look of the most beautiful Liquid and Powder but with the permanent shine you would expect of a gel. The white is very white and the pink and clear are absolutely clear and colour stable.

Brisa gel is less sticky and less runny than other gels and is very easy to control and to apply.

Brisa gel has low heat output.

Brisa gel does not break down or become brittle with age.

These are just a few of the pluses of Brisa gels. Sorry you can't make the show, but Brisa will be around for a long time to come so I'm sure you will get your chance to see and to try it.
Hi Geeg...
I will be at olympia on sunday checking out the new Brisa and i was wondering if i leave one of my nails free would you do a demonstration on me please?
I know i am being cheeky....but i have a beautiful nails on at the moment done by our No 1 winner=Paula1973 and so only want to take them off if i know i can have a demo Brisa....hope that makes sence?
The answer is yes, we will be glad to do a demo nail on you!!

I will be floating between stands to demo on all of them but I will certainly be glad to do a nail for you with Brisa gel.
What type of price will it cost for materials and a conversion course. How many products are used. so many questions
As per my usual poicy, I do not discuss prices on the site.

All information can be had from your local distributor - who I was with in Germany!! Great time too!
Hi Geeg...
Thanks for the reply...i will soak one of my nails off sat eve for you...looking forward to meeting you too and promise not to ask you toooooo many questions when you are doing
ooooow, hi geeg, are you going to be there on monday too? I am so excited about this new gel i love gels, use only Faze at present and have never had a problem so am really excited about Brisa gel, oow i wanna use it now.

I have kept all my nails free of enhancements and been trying to keep them lovely ready for Olympia to have some test nails done, oow I will just have to come and see you if you are there. I am not sure what i am most excited about the gel or meeting you now.

I wanna be there now!

Grace x
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