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Jul 9, 2007
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Overton, Britain
Hi guys,

Please help I am getting soooo confused! I have sold my house to persue opening my own salon in France. I have been advised that once I know the area I will be living, to send my certificates to the local offices (translated) and they will advise on which treatments I can offer in their country. Ideally I would like to know what goes on BEFORE I commit and buy a house and shop!

Are there any nail techs/beauty therapists out there who qualified in Britain and now work in France? My quals are Creative: Liquid & Powder, Brisa, Spamanicure and Spapedicure, also NVQ level 2 Beauty therapy. Oh also Tantrick/Couture tanning.

I have tried eveywhere I can think of but to no avail!:sad:
I did the same in Spain, though the health and safety people took copies of all my certificates to be kept on file they didnt translate any. I do permanent make up and piercing also and everything was much the same as in the UK...checking for sterilisers, ventilation, electrical equipment checks etc. My only observation was that although they were happy with my qualifications they were not interested in me having any liability insurance...apparently here you just sue the therapist and its capped at a certain amount you can sue for!! Scary. In fact it was a nightmare finding anyone who would insure me and UK policies only covered for 6 week periods for non residents.

Anyway i did it..its basically the same paperwork as in the UK but BEFORE they give you permission to open, not like back there where anyone opens up then worries about things afterwards.

Oh and one more thing i found....many therapists here only partially qualify, so only offer a few treatments and although the locals may not recognise specific brand names i think training standards in the UK are higher and more up to still getting clients used to eyebrow waxing here! Just my views, hope it helps.
Your nvq is an internationally recognised qualification,so i feel there will be no problems....however i know the authorities will check up on this.

The law in France is very strict and there is ALOT of red tape,so i hope your French is good...:D

As you are living in the country have you got in touch with the local "notaires" as they can help with things legally.

Good luck.... a word of caution regarding skin care,i would choose a french brand as french women tend to use purely french skincare...i know thats a sweeping statement but french people are sceptical of "foreign" skincare....its like french wine or french cheese....extremely patriotic:wink2:
:confused:Thanks for that, great advice. Do you think the Creative courses will be recognised? I was hoping to do more nails than beauty you see.

Going back to the French skincare, Decleor is french isn't is? Dermalogica? Probably not.


I think your creative coureses will be recognised,im sure,there is one person i know that does creative in France and im sure they are distributed in France.
As for Dermalogica it isnt recognised in France:eek:

As far as im aware there is only ONE account in Paris and they have to get the products shipped over to the UK.

Decleor is recognised,but is very popular in departtment stores such as Sephora etc.
Always look for a SALON brand only,that way your marketing is more exclusive.

Try Academie scientifique De beaute,the number is 00 33 1 42 42 01 76.

It has been going for over 80 years is salon only,and the reputation of the treatments and products are unsurpassable.

Any more help,pm me further.hth.


You are a star! Thanks you ve been a great help!!
I am also in this situation.
I will be working solely in france from a treatment room at home and I'm trying to find out as much information as possible. My qualifications are scottish HNC HND
Can the notaires advise on paying taxes in france?
Seems odd that they are very strict on regulations but not insurance 🤔

Many thanks
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