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Jan 12, 2003
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Right here's one for you.........I had a lady phone me today looking for advice. She broke her thumb a month or so ago (which is fine now) and as the nail is growing up part of her nail bed is exposed. From what I can gather the other side of the nail still has some nail plate but this is not attached to the nail bed completely, thus she keeps catching it and it lifts up (this is the impression I get by talking to her - she is coming tomorrow so that I can look at it).. New nail is coming through and the doctor is quite confident that it will be fine.

She would like to know if there is anything I can do or suggest to see this stage through. Would she be better asking her doctor to remove it or could I apply something like solar seale to stop it keep flicking up. I guess keeping a plaster on it all the time would be a bit dodgy.

Any ideas?
Provided you sanitise and prep the area to be adhered well, there is no reason why you could not use SolarSeale or a wrap resin, to stick the irritating flap of nail back down. It would be best to wrap the area to keep it more permanent though. A useful way to help her through this slow growing period.
Thanks Geeg for your reply, it's one of those 'dodgy' issues that your just not too sure what to do for the best. Should I advise her to still come and see me once every 2 weeks, so that I can keep an I on it?

Most definitely. I'm sure she will be happy to do that.

If she doesn't have regular maintenance so that you can see that the naile enhancement is 'tight' and secure, she could get a green bacterial infection.
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