Brow wax graze! What could have happened?


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Jul 2, 2015
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Hi Geeks,

As the titles says I need some help with a brow waxing issue!

I had a lady in this evening for her first HD Brows treatment and we went through the consultation form together and all was fine, she's never been waxed before so has had no previous reactions or anything. She has always maintained her own brows. So basically towards the end of the treatment I noticed a couple of small tears/cuts directly under the brows. I have been doing HD Brows for almost two years and this has only happened to me once before. So understandably I'm mortified! I always apply a barrier powder or oil depending on skin type and always pull the skin very taught and pull opposite direction and parallel....basically everything I'm supposed to do.
After I noticed said tears/grazes I asked a few more questions ( even though the HD Brows consultations forms are extremely thorough) I thought something may have been missed. After asking about her skincare products she mentioned she uses a spot cream but never near her eyebrows. My question is could this have caused the skin to be more sensitive/become thinner and therefore the cause of the tears/grazes?
I can't understand what I've done wrong as I'm always so careful. I gave her my aftercare leaflets which says to call up if any bruising/swelling/irritation/cuts appear or get worse.

Does anybody know what could be a cause? And also if I should have offered the treatment for free or offer another service for free?

I'm worrying so much!

Thankyou in advance for any help or advice!

In your consultation do you ask about medication? Could she be on roaccuatane? (She mentioned spot cream, if she suffers with skin, she could be on medication for it.)
Hi salj yes it's a very thorough form and asks about any treatments for acne that the client may be on or any other medication that could affect the treatment. She didn't mention any other medication. Just a cream. I just don't want this to affect my reputation. Especially as the client works in a busy hairdressers close to me. I'm devastated this has happened :(

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