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Feb 8, 2003
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i was up til 4am last night, have decided this will not beat me and I WILL!!!
get it right if it kills me. ;)
i am having problems with my brushes, no matter what i do they keep clogging up, its mainly when i use the white powder, i am using more monomer to clean than i am for practising, i bought a new master brush, the sculptor a couple of days ago and its a nightmare, the one in the kit is the same, i am sure it is something i am doing wrong when applying white, but i cant figure out what, does anyone have any advice :sad:
Do you mean you arn't cleaning your brush properly and it's clogged up the next time you go to use it? Or is it clogging whilst you're doing the nail?
I also have a brush problem! :cry:

I have a CND Pro Styler with a plastic handle and the handle has gone sticky :suprised:

I tried to clean with Scrub Fresh ;) It must have melted it, does anyone know what I can do? :sad:
Hi Dawn,

if you are having clogging problems then it is most likely to be your mix ratio. It is easier to see with the pink when the ratio is correct as you can see the absorption of the powder. Go back to basics and try making white beads and place on tips or on some laminated card and check how they settle.

Gigi posted a tip about cleaning your brush with Scrubfresh - but not too often.

Hope this helps a bit.
you lot are brilliant for trying to help thankyou :D
it seems to be clogging while i`m using it, the brush is`nt ruined as i am always trying to keep it clean.
i think fiona is right it is me and the mix ratio, as i dont get it with the pink.
So it needs to look like orange peel, it does, then when i place the bead on the nail and leave it to rest for a couple of secs it sort of settles, then i press, it`s when i press and smooth it starts to clogg.
i was told to put brush into liquid up to were the hairs are dark on the brush, stroke twice on the side of the dish, hold on the side of the dish for a sec, then into the powder count 1 2 3, say going going gone, if its all soaked up its ok to use the bead, have i got it right or did i fall asleep during the course lol.
Here is the secret to never ever getting crap stuck in your brush:
  • At the begining of every day, take a clean, covered dappen dish and fill it with fresh monomer.
  • After applications, clean your brush out in this clean monomer instead of the monomer you just worked with.
  • Dry your brush. Never leave large amounts of monomer in your brush for long periods of time
  • Store your brush on its side in a covered container (i.e. the worm coffin)
    At the end of the day, clean out your covered dappen dish.
Also... alsways have 2 brushes on the go. Sooner or later you will need to replace your working brush and it will pay to already have it on you instead of waiting until it is too late. That way, if you find a little present from the polymer fairy in your brush, you are not forced to work with it or try to dissolve the product with a solvent.

Good luck ;)
I had the very same problem, once I had placed my white on the tip and while I was waiting for it to melt, I was wipeing my brush, taking all the monomer out of the belly of the brush. Once I stopped I had no problems
I was wondering should I wash my dappen dishes out with Citri soak - using Creative stuff for Fabric but doing OPI at college and I have had no guidence on how to lookafter the dishes and keep them squeeky clean when not in use? is this a good idea?
You can clean your dishes with any detergent if you need to or just wipe out with a clean lintfree pad and a little ScrubFresh.

It sounds to me like you are making your bead just fine and placing it just fine and waiting a sec or two just fine and then the trouble starts. It sounds to me like you are overworking that bead to push it into place and I hope you are not wiping your brush before working the bead because you need that little extra liquid in your brush to keep the brush supple and flat.

Try to avoid (common problem) twisting the brush in your fingers as you work in one area!! This really is a common fault with new ones. The brush should be flat side always facing toward the curve of the nail so the brush does move AS you work at different angles to the nail but NOT when you are pressing more than once in the same place (get what I mean?)

Use the brush like a paddle and press staight on to the bead and lift straight up from the bead. Never push the bead around or smush into it. Ok I m babbleing on in hopes that something I say will click with you. Lets see how you go with this info.
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