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Discussion in 'Business' started by Zoe Bartlett, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Zoe Bartlett
    Hi all,

    My end business goal is in advanced aesthetics such as laser and chemical peels etc. I have to do level 3 beauty therapy to get there and I wondered about buying a Facial electrotherapy machine to generate income while saving for a laser machine/more training.

    My question is, is electrotherapy a popular treatment? I don't want to pay £1200 for a machine if it's not overly popular.

  2. essentia
    Firstly you will need a level 4 qualification to meet HEE guidelines and insurance requirements - although this is not yet legislation it is definitely going that way. As for your question you are likely to get mixed replies depending on other's experience. If you wish to specialise in advanced treatments, research the products and treatments that are likely to work well together and decide if they suit your requirements and goals. IMO it does not matter what therapy you offer but if you really believe and are enthusiastic for it - you will be able to sell it to your clientele. If you do not have your heart in a treatment it will transfer to your clients.
  3. squidgernetball
    To be fair, the only really implication at the moment for level 4 is for laser treatments. There are a lot of level three treatments that you can get up and running with, without a level 4 qualification.
    Peels and needling are fabulous treatments, but do be sure the courses and training you look at are recognised by relevant insurance companies and are recommended. Level 4 quals may be an absolute requirement in the future, but you can still get started with a lot of the more results driven treatments.

    Vic x
  4. essentia
    The OP mentioned laser treatments that is why I mentioned it! The HEE also recommend that chemical peels be at level 4. Other electrotherapy should be OK with level 3 but it pays her to do some research as she may decide to future-proof herself. ;)
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