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Jan 12, 2003
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Hi Guys, If any of you have read my posts you will know that I'm a novice just starting out and working from home.I havent got any business cards done yet and am not really sure about design. Y'know I want them to look a bit classy, -not cheap and cheerful!.What sort of thing do you guys have on yours? What sort of fee am I looking at (for the Brits) to get some done ?Any advice please?
mine are baby pink with my logo across the top and website phone and site details, with a piccy of nails to one side.

Mine cost £60 i think :?

:D Hi Gorsclaws,

If you have microsoft publisher you can whip off your own business cards in minutes! I designed some for myself....pinching a piccie from the internet! I bought some card from the local stationers (they cost peanuts) I set MS publishers template to copy onto Avery business card (which is a standard printing template) and hey presto business cards!!! FREE!
If you have Microsoft publisher 2000 then i will mail you some designed business cards for you, just mail me.x It won't work if your publisher is 98.

I agree with Nailmania as I have also printed my own ones up using Microsoft Publisher. Soooo cheap and soooo easy.

I did phone up some printers about getting pricelists, business cards and vouchers printed up but they all advised me that for the quantities I needed (me being a one man band) it would prove quite expensive :shock: . Also every time you need to make an amendment its going to cost you again. You have to think about whether it's worth going this route.

I'm really pleased with my pricelists, etc. and have had many people comment (nicely :D ) about them. If you email me directly with your address I'll send you a copy of them.

Best of luck
I actually have two cards. The first are done up in a bold burnt orange with zebra stripes. This is what our Day Spa uses & are "Very" eye catching. They were a bit spendy, but my second ones are one plain white simple cards. I believe they were $14.95 for 1000. I usually give one of the BOLD ones with a few of the white ones so customer will keep the Bold one & give away the others. At this price, I don't mind leaving them everywhere! Kathi-TX
I was given an adress for the internet from a friend. I went to the site and they had 250 business cards free! You could also choose your own logo to input etc. I had the beauty 'nails' one they offered at approx £17.99 and had appointment detail on the back for an extra £6.99. They are shipped from the US, but only took 7 days! Ya-hoo! :p Have a browsey!
I was given an address on the internet from a friend
Hi, thanks for your response,I too have been given this adress and have put my order in for cards.Now I need to sort out some kind of flyers :)
Hi all, Just received my free business cards from Vistaprint in the USA :D .They are lovely tasteful little cards and I am really quite pleased with them, you gotta be for free right! However I must send a curse to the **** who wrapped them.Was it done for a joke?, Did they not want me to open the box? - maybe I should have 'gone for the money' LOL!. Anyhows as I type I do so with throbbing index finger for I'm blessed with a terribly high Hyponychium and I've just torn my nail right off it on that stupid box - OUCH!!.OH well at least I have a spare finger to practice on :rolleyes:

This is why SCISSORS WERE INVENTED!!! TO CUT THINGS OPEN!!! (or if you are like me at work and need to open a box, you'll get a knife and stab it in :twisted: )

Rule # 1
Your nails are your JEWELS...not your TOOLS! (Now where have I heard that?) ;)
Thats righ, go gurlfriend!!!

I actualy make people who have short nails open stuff for me to save my nails! Or I get my chainsaw out!

* :oops: * my boyfriend jus had a HUGE bunch of roses sent to me, v blushing at the mo!!!

I made my own cards and flyers in Photoshop (lucky for me my partner is a pc teacher) ;) . Its a great way to design your own and guarantee that they are unique.
Just an idea.
Dawnie xx
i have doubled mine up as appointment cards. on the back i have space for the date time and treatment.printed mine up on the computer saved myself money but wasted hours ;)

I followed the link to the 'vista' site & was thoroughly pleased!! I've just ordered my business cards, the free ones! :oops: but thats because I'm very new to nails & I'm only charging 'training' prices! If the cards are ok, I'll let you know!

One thing I'd watch out for if you are going to use this site, after I completed my free cards & went to order them, I noticed that I was being charged £3.99 + shipping :?: after repeatedly going back & repeating the process I gave up! I'd followed all the on screen instructions but still I was being charged for my 'Free' cards!! I actually thought I'd give it one last try today & low & behold, when I want to checkout, this time they were FREE!!!

So just be aware of that , I did everything exactly the same today as I'd done before, but today it was Free!! Yipee!!

Kitty :meow:
hi all
i have been trying and trying to order some cards from vista print but every time i click to put my order through it comes back saying server busy please try again, has anybody else had this problem with them
Hi Caroline, I didnt have any probs ordering from Vistaprint. I placed my order early on a Monday morning and the cards arrived the Monday after. Beware! have 'tools' at the ready when opening - they come very well wrapped :D
yea...a chainsaw, knife, couple of hacksaws.....that'll get em open ;)

Vista print is where I too ordered my cards. They were awesome!!! I have had tons of compliments on them They are free except you pay for the shipping. I think like $5.95. Not bad at all for 250 of them!!!! They are great, and I'd have spent a whole lot more time trying to do my own. The site was easy to navigate, and my order went through without any probs. Everyone that I have talked to that has used them loves them. No problems with them at all!! Try em you'll like em!!!!! :thumbsup:
I also ordered from Vista Print. I got the free cards to hand out, but ordered the two-sided ones to use as appointment cards also. I was very happy with them! :D
:( I've ordered twice from them and they were never free! Ilove my cards though! :)
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