Calgel infill on top Bio?


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Jul 11, 2007
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I am about to go on holiday and thought I would treat myself to having my nails done at a salon. The tech used Bio and did an ok job but hasn't brought the white down far enough. I have Calgel at home and would like to know if I can use this on top of the bio rather than soak off and redo, especially as I am busy packing for the family???
Any advice greatfully received.
Shouldn't be a problem at all...Bio is very compatible with other brands and systems as long as your overlays are still in good order.

Just check it hasn't discoloured - some of their gels can do occasionally, although I'm certainly finding better ways of preventing this in application, but if it has, I wouldn't put Bio over Bio, lol....thats a soak off I'm then afraid
Both Bio and Calgel are soak off gels. Both gels stem from the same original company once upon a time. Personally I don't see a problem whith overlaying over Bio.

However, if the tech has not bought the white down enough ( assuming you have only just had the infill done), do you not think you could ask for another appointment to have the white redone?

I am sure you would have paid a fair amount of money for the infill? Therefor, if you are already worried that the natural smile is showing through, perhaps you should politely address this with the tech/salon concerned?

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