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Jun 16, 2012
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Hello- i'm new here and was after some advice really!!

i was wondering if anyone could give me a advice/info/knowledge? i've finished a city and guilds level 2 diploma and have decided that nails is the way forward for me. i'm qualified to deliver basic manicure and pedicure but i want to learn uv gel, gel polish and acrylic tips/extensions with nail art!!! basically the works!! whats the best route intot his? where did you all study? did you do courses privately or did you do nvq courses at college! whats going to give me the best all round traning?

help help help- im all c onfused- there are so many courses i don't know where to begin!!
thanks in dvance

There's many many many courses for training that suit different people and alot of them are pricey but I guess you pay for what you get. Some courses are crap so definitely do your researched but everyone rates how amazing CND complete is which will reach you all you listed above except nail art I think it does cost £2,400 but that's including 800ish on kit so probably works out about right you find some more information on the sweet squared website xxx
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Have a look at the above link to the CND Creative Complete course comments from students.

To get accurate pricing for this course please call 08452106060 and ask for details to be sent to you. I've seen prices quoted for this course ranging from 1000 to 4000 and they are all wrong. Ring CND (Sweet Squared) for the correct information. We do also teach some Shellac nail art as well, and you have the option also to take nail art as a separate class. It is an amazing course and very good value for all that you get in the form of the best products in the world, to the best education available in the UK. x
Thank you so much guys- I've only just seen these posts! I ended up doing my training with Isis academy- got a full nvq but still learning and developing!

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