Callused, dirt stained, dry nails and hands


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Oct 29, 2003
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I had a client come in a few times, and she works at a packing company and is always packing and unpacking boxes, her fingers and cuticles are dry and hard as a rock, they are also stained from the dirt she comes in contact with.. although she washes her hands often, they always have dirt in the creases between her nail and the nail bed and just all over... (Think mechanics hands) not only that, but her nails are hard as a rock and they curve downward, like talons. I would really like to help this woman have nice nails, but after 3 manicures and no improvement... i am stuck as to what to do for her.. we have done paraffin treatments .. solar balm.. nothing helps. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.. TIA
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Three Manicures are going to be like a drop of lavender in an ocean........

She will need more of those before there will be a huge difference.......
Solar manicure treatment will be brill for her, it will exfoliate and soften the skin, nourish it and feed it, followed by Solar butter...Solar oil....and Solar Balm..............
For the calluses maybe some Sea serum...........
She will also need to feed her hands at home...on going treatment...a night treatment, so to speak.....Solar butter and Solar Balm at bedtime and then cotton gloves.............
Solar oil for the cuticles after each hand wash during the day.................She will have to make this her beauty regime and then you will see a difference............weekly manicures, to get those nails into a nice shape, one that complement her hands........
Maybe Fiona will have some more tips, she is the queen of natural nailcare......bless her ............
hope this helps
In a perfect world 'instant' results would be great, but it did not take an instant for her hands to get in the condition they are in now and an improvement will not happen in an instant either.

Working with paper is one of the most drying things that hands can do, and frequent washing doesn't help as this also makes the skin dry.

A regular regime is the answer for her and One Minute Manicure and Solar Butter every day... and SB at night. It will take dedication and persistence particularly as she presumably still is working in the same conditions. No instant cures.
I have a client with similar problems - she suffers from extremely dry cuticles and very dry skin on her hands. The flakey, weak nails that she used to have a year ago are definitely better but still exist.

For a year we have been trying to improve her hands and nails (with some success, especially during the summer months!). I to have always felt that she would be better having a Solar Drench mani or a hot oil mani and have also encouraged her to carry out certain homecare procedures. Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that you can't always win. She always points out that money is an issue and that she can't afford it :?

I never do hard sells with any of my clients, I just try to advise what I think is best. She does have Solar Balm and Solar Oil at home, which I have advised her to use during the day, as much as she feels she needs. However, I can't be there to make sure she does :?

You have been given excellent advice from Ruth and Geeg which you can pass onto your client, but at the end of the day you're going to have to make your client aware that in order to turn her hands around she is going to have to follow the homecare regime that you advise her.

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