Can anyone tell me about Nail Tek .....


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Feb 1, 2003
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They are advertising "Natural Alternative Instant Length".....

Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks!!
That sounds intrigueing, can`t wait to find out what its all about.
Well, I'm going to contact the company and ask them all about it! I'll post back with info I receive.

Stay tuned......
Hi everyone!

I received a very informative email from a Nail Tek Representative explaining this new product; it sounds very promising for our clients who want to grow out their own nails. I'll just paste her email here.....

Hi Shaun,

Natural Alternative is patented technology that provides your clients with beautiful nails while at the same allows the nail to be treated with Nail Tek strengtheners. You are able to extend the length of the nail by attaching the Support to the underside of the free-edge of her nail, leaving the entire nailplate free of any covering so that you may apply the proper Nail Tek formulation to treat her specific nail condition. It truly is the answer for the person who wants to grow her own nails. By providing her with the length, you immediately boost her self image by giving her beautiful nails. There is no preparation to the natural nail other than gently manicuring the free edge of her nail. We suggest using the Crystal File which is made of glass, designed to seal the free edge of the nail. Natural Alternative Supports not only provide length to the nail but also provide structure to a weak nail. Use of the Supports will allow for longer wearability of polish due to the added structure of the new free-edge.

Upon determining which formulation is best for your client, you immediately begin treatment on the nail by using the formulation as the basecoat. All of our formulations also come in Foundation form which actually provides for a better basecoat since it is a ridge-filler which will hide any blemishes in the nail. Also, since Foundation dries to a tacky, matte finish, your polish application will last longer as it grabs the polish and keeps it on the nailplate. The healthier the nailplate the better the polish wearability. Use of Foundation will assist those with healthy and non-healthy nailplates.

Natural Alternative is perfect for persons who no longer want to or cannot wear artificial enhancements. It is also perfect for brides, special occasion nails, or to repair broken nails.

I would suggest that you contact your local distributor to find out when a Natural Class is available and would strongly suggest you take the class. It's very informative. If the class is not available, the Natural Alternative kit comes with an excellent video and booklet instructions that will walk you through the steps to creating beautiful, natural looking nails.

Call or write me if you have any questions once you have tried out the system.


Kim Volpe
Thanks for that Shaun,
Could you give me a web address or email address, I am interested in learning more about that.

or... you can write to Kathi and she'll have all the answers!! Here is her email: [email protected]
Sounds interesting...

So essentially you are sticking a tip on... but it adheres on the underside on the free edge instead of on top of it...

I wonder how long lasting it is? Wouldnt having the ledge underneath the free edge be a little annoying for the client?

Let us know how it goes if you give it a spin.
I'm with you Geek, having a ledge under my nail would drive me to drink!
I have the leaflet here. If anyone is intersted I can scan it and then send it on as an email.
Let me know
love Ruth xxx
Ruth, I'd love to see the information you have....

Thanks so much!
did u watch the promo video on the nail tek site?

did anyone else notice that after treatment, you can still see the line between the free edge & the "support"?

If this is visable form the video, surely it must be even more noticable in the flesh???
feebeast said:
did u watch the promo video on the nail tek site?

did anyone else notice that after treatment, you can still see the line between the free edge & the "support"?

If this is visable form the video, surely it must be even more noticable in the flesh???

Hmm...maybe it wasn't a very good nail tech who did them? ;) I'd like to hear feedback from anyone who has actually used this new system before I make any judgments though - is it very new?

Has anyone here tried this system yet?
i just watch the video and i have to agree with you feebeast didn't look that good but we shall see :?
Well hi gang,
I have just looked at the video...................hmmmmmmmmmmm.........
not convinced...........
You get the same look, if you have used ordinary tips and they are starting grow out. Well I suppose the free edge can be french polished, so you wouldn't see the bridging.
But how do you maintain them, do you do underfills or under the nail balancing?????
So they say you can feed the nail and still have addional lenght. Still not convinced.............
I rather would feed my nails with solar oil and myself with a nice healthy Voddy and Orange.
Well solar oil and vitamine C must be better for the nail then having resin, plastic and whatever else stuck under your free edge.
Then what happens if poor Miss x catches her nail and then the bridge tears off........................ouch!!!!!!
Well must give Lorraine at Alan Roy on Monday. the are NailTek distributors.

Cant wait to hear her side of the story
Will keep you all posted lol

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
V&O in hand and no sticky stuff under my nails, Just the usual on top of them
and unless I've had too much Chardonnay :rolleyes: where's the video??? :?:
click on the link on shaun post above its on there

Here is the link Hun
Enjoy lol you will need a stiff drink after that video
love Ruth xxx
Well OK, I know I`m not pc literate (but I can spell) I CAN`T GET VIDEO TO PLAY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!
It took about 20 minutes to load the video but I found it quite interesting. Don`t see how it would be very strong, and I wouldn`t like that under my nail but I can see the advantage and also the appeal. Probably wouldn`t try it.
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Here is the link Hun
Enjoy lol you will need a stiff drink after that video
love Ruth xxx

Thanks for this Ruthie - I got onto the site but where is the video :?: am I insane :? thick :shock: or blind :rolleyes: HELP arghhhhh :twisted:
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