Can I dye straight over a semi perm?


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Aug 31, 2009
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help!!! ive just dyed my hair with a colour touch refresh semi perm it has come out really dark, which i cant live with!!

can i go straight over with another colour its like a mahogony brown too dark i wanted more of a vibrant copper red please help im off on holiday saturday!!
I agree with Bibalane. Fade it by washing it.

Imagine if you painted your nails with a dark brown polish and then wanted them a bright pink colour. Just putting pink polish over the top would just make the colour look murky. You'd have to remove the brown polish first.

Same with hair.

You can't lighten a tint without using bleach and if you tried doing this at home, you'll probably be left with patchy orange hair. Seriously!

Colour correction is usually covered in Level 3 Hairdressing courses as it's tricky to get right.

Use a really cheap shampoo as these usually contain lots of detergents and strip colour quite quickly. (That's why we recommend professional brands when you have your hair coloured in the Salon.)

Hope you have a great holiday! :lol:

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