Can I paint Vinylux over Shellac if I don't have the Shellac colour?


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Aug 16, 2009
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As the post says - I have a client who wants Shellac but I only have the colour, as its not popular, in Vinylux.
As I stamp with Vinylux over Shellac, I'm thinking it would work.
However not sure which topcoat I would use - Vinylux or Shellac.
Or do I complete a Shellac service the paint over with Vinylux and add vinyl top coat?

Thank you x
Complete shellac service then apply vinylux and vinylux topcoat.
I would buff over the shellac topcoat with the 1200 side of a koala first to remove the shine or I suspect the Vinylux will chip quite easily
If you tell us the shade of vinylux your client wants there are lots of geeks on here who might be able to come up with a shellac layering effect to create the same.

Alternatively tell the client No and use something close! [emoji12]
Hi And thank you for your replies.
My client didn't want Mint convertible in Vinylux anyway which was my alternative to Shellac - she wanted a turquoise (Think I uploaded pic of what she wanted).
I did ask for layering ideas for turquoise shellac but didn't get any replies. So I did Hotski x2 with 1 layer of Romantique to lighten and get rid of shimmer.
It wasn't quite as green as her original choice, but she liked it.
Wonder what other combos people have discovered?
Thank you x
oops - pic was in original post - here it is.


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