Can i use this monomer?


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Sep 19, 2007
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Hi guys,

just wondering, can i use NSI attraction monomer with normal nsi powders or do i have to use the attraction powders with the liquid
what do you mean by normal powders hun ?
do you mean like the competition, speed etc...
Im sure you can mix those y'know
in my kit we got for college, it was the spa aroma kit, so the powders dont have a name, does that make sense lol it just says colours on the pots and the make nothing else.
Its just I have started using nail graphix glitters and my tutor said i can use spa aroma liquid for glitters so to use attraction so was just wondering if i can use it with any powder because i dont want to have to buy loads of certain powders and liquids, thanks :)
When I changed from NSI simplicity to attraction I had powders left over and rang them up and asked if I could use attraction liquid with the simplicity powders and was told it would be ok. I did this until the simplicity powders ran our with no problems. But if your unsure give them a call they are very helpful. The number is free phone 0500 131 009. HTH.
thanks karen,

i will definately give them a call,

thank you

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