can you check my site out? please


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Jan 14, 2008
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Hi all, I'm new here, i was just wondering, if you have time, please could you check my temporary site out from your computers, i have been informed i still have tags on them? when i see my site from my computer or lap top at home/shop, it is perfectly normal and cant see any tag stuff what so ever.

Im not a website genie so i would have to inform my friend if it needs changes, thanks everyone! - Home

Nice site babes but yes you still have script showing have copied a bit to show you :)

Thursday until 8pm by appointment for you parents, workers, business owners etc

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have also pm'ed you a portion of the page!
hope I've been of help!

My only suggestion would be that the white writing on the pink background is quite difficult to read.

Might be worthwhile changing it to black or any darker colour.

thanks everyone, mmmmmmmmmm???? I just dont get it, thats an old version.
Ive got the new one on my computers so why its showing the old one up i dont know? everytime i type the website in it comes up with absolutely nothing wrong with it,any computer genius here haha, i dont even have them words on my new site either.
it all looks great from my side too, what a downer haha

will have to get my friend to figure it out for me then, thanks for all your time in looking :rolleyes::)

ps, it doesnt show a white background on my computer either, so not sure whats going on here haha

ta xx
have you tried googling it? see if that link works.
just put your web address into google and its still coming up with tabs, etc and its definetly a pink background with small purple writing.

I think its only the 2nd page that has the script and tabs on it, also some greek writing on it.
Maybe I'm way outta line here but I've got to voice my opinion either way. You've got your own business, you've shelled out for your own premises and yet, you're using a freebie website design service, ie, one that you or a friend edits?

Your website is your 24/7 advertising service. Your own 'Personal' space on the web, your 'shopfront'. I appreciate that money may be tight right now what with paying rent, telephone bills, electricity bills, buying stock, equipment, etc. However, your website, if built and designed properly, will be one of your best advertising tools, it would be a mistake (in my opinion) to skimp on it. The old adage applies, 'if its worth doing, its worth doing well'.

Your website should never go 'live' until its moreorless finished, and it obviously isnt finished. The menu text isnt showing properly. As has been already mentioned, the white text on the pink background simply doesnt work, you need maximum contrast there. Your salon pictures on the home page need attention too, you're using big pics which have been squashed into a small box, in addition to that, the first pic is distorted. The site obviously hasnt been optimised for the search engines, you do want the search engines to find you? Course you do.

None of this tells your customers that you are a professional.

You think I'm being a bit harsh? I probably am, but its only because I see someone who is renting out a property for their dream, and I really want it to work for you. It is within your grasp to make it come true with lots of hard work, but trust me, your web site wont help in its present state.
Echo everything Seanny says - my advice would be to have a wee look at my website then contact Seanny - I've had so many compliments on the professional finish of my website (not to mention plenty of business!).

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