Can you double hair extension keratin bonds


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Apr 12, 2012
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Hi There,

I'm Just Wondering If you can double keratin pre bonded hair extensions per strand that are 0.5g to make them 1g.?

1g are so hard to find in very good quality hair like european and russian

My Cilent has EXTRA thick hair like myself. I used 300 in my hair and it looks thin and horrible and the hair is STUNNING its just the thickness that ruins it ?

Any one else done this ??

Thanks :lol:
No, the bonds look massive and they don't hold, you will get a lot of shedding and the bond will eventually fall out.

I use around 160 bonds of 0.8g for a full head on average. If my client has thicker hair, I will go to around 200 max. I never use 0.5g as I feel they are far too thin and you end up having too many bonds!

Hope this helps xxx
You can melt the bonds together prior to fitting and trim the doubled bond back down to a normal 1g bond size without any shedding. x

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