Can you help inspire me with my Gelish?


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Oct 12, 2011
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South Wales
I need a new look on my own nails, my Gelish has just peeled off my peeling nail grr..
I want to redo it tonight but cant decide what to do!!

Gelish colours I have:
Sweet Chocolate
Bellas Vampire
Gossip Girl
Red Roses
Such a sweet tart
Sugar Daddy
Sheek White
Desert Sands

I also have Konad/Bundle Monster and all sorts of colours and metallics to use with them
I also have a set of 12 Mica powders in bright colour.

Can you think of what I can do thats a bit "different"? At the moment im wearing Gossip girl with Konad circled in silver on ring fingers.

Id like to try Mica, but not sure what colour mica on what gelish. I havnt got time tonight to play so need to know what im choosing when i start.

Thank you fo any inspiration/help
Do the mica over White, give it a go. Different colour on each nail lol.

I did mine last night, looks lush. Might add a different konad/BM design to each nail later in the week. My excuse is I'm playing and advertising lots off different things all at the same time. I have Rockstar and fimo flowers on my toes! Lol xx
Thank you! Think i will do white and pink mica. I have green toes with white spots at the moment. I love matching sets!! Lol xx

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