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Oct 21, 2013
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Hi Geeks, just wondering what people's views are on last minute cancellations and if you feel they're any worse being mobile?

I get a few people cancel like an hour before the appointment and it can really wind me up sometimes. I understand some people have genuine reasons! I think being mobile makes people feel less obliged to stick to their appointment!

Do any of you have cancellation policies in place? Xxx
No. Im mobile too, but if I sent an invoice im pretty certain most people would just avoid coming back.

It IS so annoying & I put on a fake "Oh im sorry to hear that, thank you for letting me know... see you again soon"

If it was one person continually cancelling Id be tempted to take payment up front... But thats just an added fuel charge. With me its not usually the same people repeatedly & they are genuine reasons.

I totally agree with Steph, when a client continuously does this to me or always turns up 30 minutes late I just sack them. I have plenty of clients that cancel a night before so I don't need to put up with clients that will cancel 20mins after there appointment time. It pees me off!!

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