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Oct 9, 2003
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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone uses the cannisters to airbrush with instead of the compressors? I want to start airbrushing but don't want to spend a fortune just incase it doesn't take off. Anyway looking around I notice you can buy a kit with a cannister which are very resonable. Thinking about trying this first to test waters. What do you think?
That was how i started out ... with a gas canister.... but i was hooked straight away, and after weighing up cost etc, decided it was gonna be more economical to buy a compressor.

DON'T just go for a cheap airbrush and compressor though ... you need an airbrush that is specifically for nails. I use the iwata HP-B , as i'm sure a lot of the geeks on this site probably do. I've heard Badger are quite good too.

Good luck , and have fun!

There is an iwata compresser advertised on ebay at the mo start price £99
Just a tip.
If you are using air canisters make sure you have two of them, they tend to freeze up and need to warm up again................
It's ok for short uses but long term a compressor is the best bet, cheaper in the long run...
I think Chocolate aka our Rachel can give you loads of info on the pros and cons of canisters..............
Have to be honest, not a "can of air" lover, you are right, they freeze quickly and then you have to use another one, lots of hassle and can actually put you off airbrushing. Pm me for a guide, i can send in the post, on the ways to choose your source of air! Dont worry, i have had this question many a time. Its cheap to start but a compressor is worth every penny if you choose the right one.

Love Rachel xx
Tip for stopping them freezing - pop em in a bowl of warm water - WARM tho - not hot - dont wanna go exploding anything! I use a baby esky with warm water rather than cold - a champagne cooler filled with warm water works well also - it's the right size to hold the can upright easily.

I use cannisters for mobile work and they are fine - if you were using them all day then you'd want a compressor tho - if not it'd cost a fortune.

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