Can't do anything right at this salon!


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Jan 25, 2013
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My last day is supposed to be tomorrow.... if I don't quit today! I started this salon 14 weeks ago.... my gut said No @ interview cause one tech rubbed me the wrong way & I took job anyway!!! This women is a nosey b**tch!! She questions me (newbie to industry but NOT 1st salon job) in front of clients- questions my PT hours-questions my products- I've supposedly had clients with problems come back-- Yet didn't have issues like this anywhere else? I do Gel on myself & friends with NO issues-- they tell me what I DO (follow mfg INSTRUCTIONS) IS wrong.....
I feel like I'm stressed being there-being watched by other tech & questioned- that I'm not working to my potential....... HAS ANYONE experienced this before?
Ugh- I just want to go gather my stuff & license & move on-- I don't even want to touch another client in there!
Get up & go if its easy enough to do that. You dont need people like that knocking your confidence. Its either that and you take the boss to one side as ask her directly whats her game.... :green:
I quit my spa job today because I was so unhappy... My advice would be to leave as soon as you have decided that's what you want. If you don't give notice you may loose some owed pay and bits like that but happiness is far more important especially if your confidence is being undermined.... Good luck...x
Thank you-- I tried to do the right thing & give 2 weeks... I always feel bad - yet don't feel bad for myself that I'm the one being treated badly---Ugh!
Tomorrow is supposed to be last day - I was scheduled today from 10-4 I went in & had no one booked- there was no walk ins & @1:45pm I told the owner I was leaving since it seemed she really didn't need me....she wasn't happy & said she needs me all day Saturday-- I asked if I had anything booked - her response was "Sherry is off tomorrow & there isn't anyone for walk ins".....I'm not driving 17 miles one way again to sit there for 50% of ZERO should there be NO WALK INS. Saturdays are slow- last Saturday I worked 10-4 & did a Mani/ Pedi $36 SVC 50% commission + tip ...all I'm doing is helping them when all this co- worker did was upset me- but her nose in my job- question what I was doing or not doing - the owner tells me about complaints from clients & I'll get a bad reputation **constructive criticism ** they tell me by following mfg instructions on using products that I'm wrong- I have worked in 2 other salons with No issues or complaints-- I just can't seem to fit in here or do stuff right here-- couldn't be the stress???? Yikes! I just can't believe that in 13 weeks all this has happened & making me so insecure * paranoid even* thinking there talking about me- intentionally not giving me a client today because I've made mistakes-- this is SOUNDS NUTTY!! But making me crazy! :-(
When I was 18 I worked as a trainee at a salon absolutely vile people, after 6/7 months I gave my notice in and they treated me awfully all that week, I was supposed to finish on the saturday but on the Friday I went for a drink with the other girls I worked with and they all said don't come in tomorrow, after the way they've treated you.
So I didn't, I know Saturday's were mega busy so it would of completely messed them up with shampooing etc but they owed me holiday pay which I never received because she decided not to pay me.
I did feel bad not going in but I also thought it serves you right for being nasty bullies.
They actually held onto my p45 and refused to give it me and I never got it, I had to get something else and pay emergency tax.
Sometimes you just have to get out of there and do what's right for you, I wouldn't normally let someone down but it felt good to know they would of struggled that day, nasty people!
Thanks- its like going against nature.... except I know we have been slowwwwwww on Saturdays-- and it is a Jewish holiday from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown & I think that will make it even SLOWER- if that's possible?????
hiya I had a very similar experience at my first salon as a tech, it was awful, I decided to leave and work on my own, it was the best thing I ever did since leaving I have my own ideas for designs work how I want, have done numerous courses for nails and became an educator !

Leave asap before you lose your confidence xx
I'm hoping for the same :)
I feel like although I'm new - I'm hyper aware of stuff-- i seem to be the be the only tech there washing my hands between clients- washing my station between clients - spraying alcohol on buffers or files used - I watch these "seasoned" techs - they just dust off the table & take next client..... the owner talks how" dirty" Asian salons are -- yes this place is better - but still not to my standards frankly! I'm an advocate on keeping it clean!
The new place I'll be going to- I'll be the only tech until she finds another since I can only do part time for now- so my standards will set the pace there!
Its funny I brought in my "try me kit" of LCN to play with Tuesday- my co worker looked at it & said that isn't the LCN that the salon has I said probably not this is one of the newer versions called Cosmiq - she smelled the Base coat & told me its not LCN gel its some type of acrylic & I said "no its New just got it in the mail" she says to me I bought counterfeit products & clients will say it smells up the salon- UGH - I told her ---No I called LCN - its new & if you went to a trade show recently you would know about newer products & technology cause this LCN cures in the 30 second LED light.....
It's the old "if it ain't broke we ain't fixing it" senerio-- they are not open to see what else is out there-- I can't believe how some fall into this trap of not changing or trying new things-- then question ME - who is researching * getting samples * starter kits to try * going to trade shows - ugh!!!
Sorry venting again :)

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