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Apr 29, 2013
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Uk Newport
Hello geeks; I'm just wondering If anyone has used caviar beads with Gelish ? If so what's ur procedure & do they last, I've just found mine now in my old nail box & don't really want them to go to waste what's your opinions?
Thanks in advance xx
In my opinion with polish they don't last all that well but never tried them with gel polish!! I presume you would do all coats then on the last one put the beads on and then cap with the top coat... :) xx
I haven't used them but my first attempt would be to place them into uncured TIO, that's what I do with Swarovski, however I don't know it the top coat will cure correctly if it's a full coverage of caviar....

Hmmmm I was no help at all was I?!? Xx
To be honest, I've only been asked for this a couple of times, but they have lasted. I did a 2nd layer of colour coat and poured the caviar beads all over the wet gel polish, slightly pressed them in with my finger and cured. Seal the edge ONLY with TIO - not all over as it will ruin the effect.

Try it on a colour pop first if you need to xxx

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That's great thanks all ii did try it with normal polish ages ago & it didn't last I've been told they are mainly weekend nails!! Lol RealMrsGrey that's great I will test it in a colour pop & see if not ill get rid of them, I don't see them as being popular but it's another thing to offer I suppose lol xx

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