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Just to let you all know, for those that use mobile phones or devices like iPads than need a sim card, GiffGaff claim to be the cheapest provider.

The sim cards are free and you can keep your number if you want.

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I think there is an introduction offer, so if you Geeks get it together and start recommending each other you can start a whole new re-distribution of wealth movement.
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I have no connection to GiffGaff, and can't comment on their performance, I've just ordered my sim and I'm just passing on the info to SG members.

Do your own research and Good Luck All.

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But the free calls or text are only to other GIFGAF users on the network...
I use Business Orange and get a much better deal than this one.


Don't shoot the messenger, I only said they claim to be the cheapest provider, and I finished with "Do your own research and Good Luck All."


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I've been using using Giffgaff for a few months now and they're fab. I top up £10 a month for my iPhone and it gives me 250 mins, unlimited data/Internet and unlimited texts.

I haven't yet managed to use up all my minutes each month lol and have had no problems at all with them :)


Free calls and texts are to any network not just other giffgaff users, my 4 children are all on this and as soon as my contract ends I will be too, they never need topping up during the month, as the allowances are so generous.

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The minutes can be used to call other networks and landlines, but calls and texts to other giffgaff numbers are completely free and don't come off you allowance.

I've been with them for ages now and my 2 girls are on GG as well, so when they go away to their Dad's we can all stay in touch for free!!


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Recently my contract was about to expire and I was thinking of leaving Vodafone for GiffGaff, since I paid about £35 a month and you could get the same deal with GiffGaff for £15.

But then I called to Vodafone for my Pac code (the specific number to keep your mobile phone number when tranfering onto a different network), Vodafone offered me to match the deal. You could try this with your own network provider. I am very please now on my cheap cheap contract:)


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Both my husband and I have been using Giffgaff for ages now. Very pleased with them. Tried to get others to join but they are just silly for not doing so!

I get the £10 goody bag each month and have not been able to use all of my minutes up yet. Its great.

If you buy the £5 goody bag, when ever someone else calls you, you get more minutes added to your own phone. ie if someone calls you and you are on the phone for say 5 mins you get 5 mins added to your minutes available. When I was on that one, again I struggled to use it all up. Its simply amazing. I am now going to get another sim for my dongle to use with my little netbook when out and about so that I can use it when taking payments through my website.

Giffgaff are the best!!!! :)