Chemical Peels yes or no??


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Sep 30, 2008
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Middlesex/West London
Hi Folks

I wanted to know how good these treatments are at making a profit and also do they work??

What is the best product and how much is the training/setup costs.

I wonder if they can be introduced as part of facials for all skin types not just acne/spot prone etc

Let me know those of you that use them what you think.

Chow for now Lisa
I carry out 3 different sorts of skin peels as part of a facial or (more often) immediately following a diamond (not crystal) microdermabrasion. They can be used as a general pep up for the skin, and they can be used for specific skin issues such as acneic, acne scarred, pigmented, seborrheic.
I offer lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid.
You need to look at lots of different companies offering them and have a good old chat with each of them.
Agera and Novita are two such companies.

Do they make a profit? Yep!
I offer the Decleor alpha plus peel, which is a glycolic peel. I have combined this with the ultrasonic function of my CACI as well for a deeper peel, which has given some excellent results.
hi lynne, do you knoe novitas website i couldnt find it in the search engine, your salon webpage came up on the search though! really good informative website! x
I use microdermabrasion , with the vitapeel ion and get fantastic results especially congested skin. it has galvanic and vacum suction on it as well brill for blackheads. getting in daniello gycolic nxt month as i feel it can go deeper , brill for chronic acne which u cant really go over with the dermabrasion so its great to have another option to offer clients, i cant wait to get it in , im using the glycolic cleanser at the mo and skin is great. There is great profit to be made on them as the treatments dont take long and they must buy the products also to use at home
did you do any training on top of your nvq3 qualification handbaglady? if so what training was it? i am very interested in adding this to my treatments! x
Novita can be reached by contacting Corinne at Cozmetic Labs
Cosmetic Lab - Contact Us
You will need to speak to her before you can order any trade products!
did you do any training on top of your nvq3 qualification handbaglady? if so what training was it? i am very interested in adding this to my treatments! x

Hi . In ireland our qualifications are a bit different we do a full time 2 year course and the qualifications are itec cibtac and cidesco. when you take on a new range or machine the company provide full training , they give you a certificate on completion of training so you can forward it to your insurance company, whic h is definataly a must with micro derma and glycolic.
In England, as far as BABTAC is concerned, you have to have completed the manufacturer's training for microderm and peels. There's no extra insurance premium for microderm but there is for peels, and they will insure only up to (I think) 35% glycolic.
I also understand that microderm will be included in the national standards from this academic year in September.
Always check with your own insurance company; they all seem to differ!

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