Chemicals in Gels and Acrylics


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Aug 3, 2010
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Sheffield, UK

I would like to learn how to do nails next year, but I am a little put off by waht has been said about the dangers of chemicals in acrylic and gel nails. I understand that non- toxic nail varnish can now be purchased, so this bit doesn't worry me, just the false nails.

I have also read that gell nails are oderless. Does this mean after application or during? Does this mean that as a nail tech I wouldn't get the strong smell when working?

Is gel less toxic than acrylic?

Sorry for all the questions.
The bottom line is that professional nail products are safe to use, provided that you have the correct training and follow the appropriate safety procedures, e.g. having adequate ventilation. That's why things like risk assessments and paying attention to materials safety data sheets (MSDS) are so important.

Often, the "toxicity" (or otherwise) of products is hyped out of all proportion by the media anyway.
Thanks for your reply. IS Gel odourless to work with?
Thanks for your reply. IS Gel odourless to work with?

Gel is odourless but that doesn't mean there are no vapours to breathe in, often the smell is your friend as a Nail Tech.

Nail Enhancement products are not 'toxic', if they were don't you think use of them would be banned? L+P Acrylic is no more 'dangerous' than gel, it is just applied differently.

A good training course explains about the products you use so you understand what you are working with and how to work safely, but enhancement products are no more harmful to the nail than nail polish.


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