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Jun 4, 2003
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My eight year old daughter wants a Nail Party for her birthday ? :oops: she wants me to do the nails of her little friends, (not enhancements) please help any suggestions would be useful as to how to make it fun for them. Or where I can find stuff for kids i.e. stickers etc, it will already be a challenge as their nails are tiny 7& 8 year olds. Beginning to panic :shock:
Well I think.................
Do some little manicures, paint the nails, some arty stuff .
Add a few sparkly stones, a few transfers and bob's your uncle or Mummy is the Tech.

Make up some little giftbags. like a mini solaroil, a little mini sentsation bottle, a little fun file and a nice bottle of varnish. Oh yea and a few sweeties too.
And maybe the other Mums will like the stuff so much they will want theirs done too lol ??? (I never miss an opertune moment) lol

Just a thought
Love Ruth xxx
Little girls adore false nails (AS OPPOSED TO ENHANCEMENTS) and nail art.

Any good art store will have glitter, acrylic paints, stickers etc.

Go mad with it and have fun. It should be a great success.

You could also do make up and little facials, sparkle spray for hair etc.

I have a friend who has made an entire business out of this type of party and she calls herself 'little Madams" or something similar. She is VERY popular and does very well.
hi ya

just a thought , is there a claires accesories near to you as they do some wicked nail stickers that you just peel and stick , maybe get a selection of some little itty bitty hair clips and nick nacks maybe some games where the prizes are little bottles of scentsations (i love them ummmm can taste sorry smell them now) and solaroil................ god this sounds fun can i come i am good with kids :D :tongue: :eyesore: :rofl: please please please i will be very well behaved................

take care love faye xxxx
Hi Cutie!

I don't know if you guys have these stores or not since I am in the US, but we have a chain of dollar stores called Dollar Tree and everything there is a dollar (I guess that would be pound to you??) Maybe they call it the Pound Palace there LOL!!

Anyway, ours have these really cool packs of "nail tattoos". They are pretty much water decals, but they are kid oriented. They have some that are glittered designs and plain. The pack has about 12 different sets of 10 and you get 2 of each design so it will do about 24 sets!! They also have these gem design stickers that has one for each nail.

I do manicures on a mentally challenged girl every week as part of her therapy, if she is good, she gets to come, if not, she has to skip a week. Well, she LOVES nail art. I love to do freehand, however, she doesn't sit very still for that so these work great on her.

Hope you have those stores!!!

I have done a few kids nail parties. The hope was that I would get my name known round town and get the mums interested in having their grown up nails done - no - result - more kids nail parties LOL.

I charge £5.95 per child and do a mini mani and they get a goodie bag - dinkie cuticle oil, mini varnish, roll on body glitter, small file, info sheet and of course my brochure LOL. I got a bargain at one of the trade shows and managed to get lots of Ferity stuff (dist by Graftons) - I got fruity nail varnishes shaped like a crayon and also scented crayon shaped roll on body glitters. There are loads of different ranges out there - one was detailed in Scratch vol 2 - if you dont have it I will dig it out and let you know details.

I find that mood changing varnishes are popular - best being rust to yellow with black tiger stripes on the top or plain white with zebra stripes.

Good luck and have fun.

BTW I also include some mini sweets in the goodie bag - Cad. Heros or All Stars etc.

I agree with all the above ideas. have a llok in your local Superdrug they also have some fab things. Some of the nail polishes are shaped as one of the other girls has mentioned in a crayon shape they sell a glow in the dark one it isfab well it went down well with my 6 year old sister!How about little nail files on keyrings, mini hairbush, lipgloss etc i dont think you could really go wrong. maybe even let them have a go on each others toes inbetween you doing their fingernails that way they dont get bored in between waiting for you!

Lou xxx :D
Thanks to you all for your suggestions and ideas, I now feel prepared for this mini challenge :D who knows if it all goes well I may include it as one of my services. Thanks again, dont know what I would do without this board! :D
hi i do nail art partys they get aq mini manicure - shape and cuticletidy
then paint and bit of nail art which usually require gems. (i get mine from wholesalers or all things nails but superdrug do them.
they get a gift bag to take home which includes a polish/keyring nail file/hairbands/sweets and my pricelist
have fun
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