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Dec 6, 2006
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South Africa
I was just wondering how many of you ladies or gents doing nails are Christrian and using this as a Chritian nail ministry.

I am a born-again Christian and in my case I know that the Lord can use me to be there for others and make a difference in peoples lives. When someone sits opposite you for an hour or more, this opens a huge potential to share the Gospel. I have had amazing heartwarming experiences and learnt so much myself. Doing nails for me, is more than a way of earning income, but being able to get in touch with people and make a difference. Another nail tech down the road from me is an awesome Christian and all her clients enjoy sharing their lifes trial with her, sometimes listening to teaching cd's, etc. I must however say that my client base is not exclusively Christian, but people from all walks of life. God is never to be forced on anyone, but our genuine love for Him and our fellowman can cause others to want to know more about Him.

Thank you for an awesome nail website and blessings to all those who work so hard on keeping this site updated. God Bless. Jabez. South Africa:hug:
I can't say that I ever chat about religion with my clients, but maybe what you are talking about is the general chat that we have with clients and whether based on our religious beliefs or just plain life skills I'm sure it helps some how.

I don't use my salon as a recruitment area other than for nails :hug:
Hi Jabez, and welcome to the site. It is good to see you posting.

Generally speaking in our country they always say, "never talk about religion or politics" ... people get so emotional about both subjects and it can be a potential source of problems.

If your clients like the spiritual nourishment they get from you then that is a wonderful opportunity for you as long as your clients do not mind.

People in the UK tend to think that those who bear witness are trying to force their ideology down their throats and often have a very negative reaction to it so we try to keep away from religion and politics here on the geek site too and talk about what we do and love, which of course is NAILS.

It is good to have you here on the site and I hope you enjoy talking nails with the rest of us.
I think this is an awesome thread!

I myself struggle with this issue, as I work in a salon in which I cannot discuss a very special part of my life.. And its not preaching to someone its not converting someone.. It is just talking. God opens doors for use to teach people about him and his son. I believe God gives us gifts for a reason. And I feel so lucky to be gifted as a nail tech. I can't stop a client from telling me about an experience they had, just because they feel God was involved.. I appreciate the fact that America and many other Countries aren't a Communists, and I don't think that anyone with that gift should be told that they are not allowed to discuss Jesus Christ.

There are still Communist Countries and Good Christians who die for their faith every day, I worry that by people denying Jesus Christ as their one and only Savior will cause the World to become Communists. I figure, if people are tortured for bringing the Word of God to people of Communist Governments. I should have no problem talking about him in anyone's presence in a Non Communist Country. And when I open my new salon, I will never ever ask any of the workers to deny Christ.

Some people are too forceful, but in my case some people just want to learn, and I will be there to answer any questions, or give any support in their faith, that they need..

Sorry if this is offensive to some but understand how offensive it is for me to be asked to deny Christ.
I think religion and politics should be avoided.
Sorry but jmho x
I agree with Judy and I think with all due respect that we should close this thread.
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