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Jan 10, 2003
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just loved the nail art that you did in the professional nails mag christie

love the fly by night :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
ooh, my mag has just arrived today, must go and have a look, I'm sure they are fab as usual thumbsup
I got the mag too!! Jus suprisingly arrived today! Something I wasnt expecting but anyhoo...

...the nails are fab! I love those red glitter smile lines :) Very pretty with a naughty side ;-)

I got Professional Beauty today but not Nails. Will it come separately, do you think? I am under the impression that I will get the Nails one until my subscription runs out.
I have not seen the magazine yet. Can't wait to see it. I was happy with the red glitter and dragonfly nails.. had a hard time getting the other ones to come together...but there was a deadline so had to send it out.

Can't wait to check it out..
You should get the nails mag until your subscription runs out Kelly, but you should have faxed back or posted back a letter confirming you still wanted it. You may have to get in touch with them about it
Your nails fill the whole page - they look fantastic as usual too.
Well Done!
Fab nail Christie as allways
We have missed you Christie where you been hanging lol
Take care Dawnie
Debs, thanks for that.

I had already called them and they told me exactly the same thing so they have let me re-new for 19.50 which is pretty cool!!!
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