Christmas gifts for clients?


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Oct 22, 2007
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Hi All,
Yes I know, Christmas is 20 weeks away, but times flies & I want to start getting organised.
Do you buy your clients christmas gifts?
Will you be getting them anything this year?
Or maybe just your best clients?
Want do you get them?
Anyone got any suggestions what gifts to get clients?

I did buy last week from QVC a box of 18 small christmas Yankee Candles, I was going to wrap each one up in cellophane to give to some clients, I should have bought a few more boxes, :rolleyes: so was just thinking of giving those to the more regular clients & getting something for everyone else. Any ideas? x:hug:x
Oh please, not Christmas yet! Let the kids go back to school first.

What about a gift voucher from yourself offering them a discount on a luxury treatment, or giving them a small treatment of say a brow shape or shape and polish, at least then you will be getting them back in.
I normally print up thank you vouchers with a free eyebrow shape or hair conditioning treatment and slip it in their xmas card. Stuff wrapping millions of pressies!!!
Made that mistake one year by doing xmas stockings for my staff!! 11 staff, 10 gifts in each stocking. That was 110 presents to wrap. Never do that one again!
I only do waxing. I'v trained in some alternative therapys which i dont advertise, and nails which have a long way to go, lol.
I make alot of my own skincare. So i thought i would make some exfoliator and body lotion, wrapped in nice packageing to give to clients.
Last year i purchased a couple of buckets of scentsations ( the mini ones) with a xmas themed smell, i think it was mistletoe and cranberry, and a couple of buckets of mini solar oil (from CND) and put the 2 items in a little glitter drawstring bag, i just gave them to my regulars and all were very pleased as they were 'practical' pressies but also made them feel special, thnking of doing the same again this year. cost me about £100.
No :O I have enough to buy within my own family, not buying for clients as well lol
I am going to do a thing called 'Christmas Kisses'. I am going to get my clients to put on their 'lippy' and kiss a post-it note. These will get onto a board and then I will get an outside party to choose the winner. They will get a facial or Spa Pedi or something else,,, haven't quite decided yet.
Some great ideas there!

Christmas is only 8 weeks away now!

I have the christmas Yankee Candles & have bought some small L`Occitane hand creams, which I plan on gift wrapping & giving my clients one of these along with a discount card for Jan/Feb (I still have these left over from last year)
This will make 34 gifts which I will give to my regulars, but does anyone have any cheap ideas for what I could give my other clients?
Would a few chocolates wrapped in a little cellophane with ribbon be ok?


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