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Jan 16, 2006
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I am bout to book my free lineage in the yellow pages, but not sure what section to go in. I will be doing spray tanning & nails (mobile) and I cannot afford the additional fee to allow me to go into more than one section.

Has anyone else faced this dilemma? What did you choose in the end? Thanks :)
Hi there

Easy - go for mobile beautician!
Go into the classification that you want to get the most enquiries for....
well this is where i am struggling. I've looked through my local yellow pages, and there are a few listed in mobile, a few mobiles listed in tanning, and a few mobiles listed in nail techs! aaaargh! im really confused, and just not sure where potential clients would look. sorry if I sound super dumb :(

what works for other mobiles? have you placed a listing in a category that you regretted, so swaped categories? help! :)
I'm not much help because I only do nails lol

But for what it's worth I had to choose between Beauty Salons and Nail Technicians, I chose Nail Techs and get a fair few enquiries. hth Good luck, that is a tricky decision for you :hug:
thanks blossom, yes it a bit tricky, hopefully next year when i've got a bigger advertising bidget i'll be able to go in more than one ( free lineage is only free if you go in one section, then its another 100 per section!)

are you mobile blossom?
What's your business name? If it's got 'Tanning & Nails' in the actual name - like at the bottom Cupcake Tanning & nailss, then if you go into tanning classification, you will get tanning clients, who may talk to you about nails during their appointment. If you go into Nail Techs you'll get nail enquiries & they may ask about tanning etc.

I worked for YP and sold advertising in the Peterborough, Leicestershire & Northampton books, but they are all the same.
If you want to have your hair cut - you'd look at hairdressers, if you looking to buy a bike, the cycle retailers.
If you want a spray tan - Tanning. It does also direct you to Beauty Salons in my book.

I know it's hard, especially when money is tight, but think about where your competitors are??? They must be getting results from it, so go with them.
Again, as I said in the above post, look at what enquiries you want. Do you want more nails or tanning? Which is more profitable, etc. Choose accordingly.

If all else fails, go for the £100 + vat and put it in both. You can pay by 10 installments interest free.
thanks bev, I feel like a right plank! my head is all over the place at the moment trying to everything sorted, and trust me, your advice is invaluble. Yes my biz is Cupcakes Tanning & Nails - so hopefully that will be a bit of a clue to customers when they see the listing! I'll have to have a real long hard think about this one!
have decided i am going into the nail techs listing - although there is already a fair few in there, a lot of them are hairdressers or not in my area, so we shall see!

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