Cleaning mobile wax pot


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I've had my mobile wax pot for years and in desperate need of a clean as it was accidently knocked over and ideas on removing this as just normal cleaner isn't cutting it. I just want to try all my options before buying a new one.


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Seraclean wax remover from just wax is what I use. Get mine from Sally's or EWD/Alan howard .
It won't stop the plastic from yellowing...that is because it is aged, but it's a very good cleaner.


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You can also try surgical spirits and good old elbow grease. Good luck x

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I had this problem when my wax pot split over in the car & as it had cooled down it was well & truly stuck.
I used a hair dryer to warm the wax on the outside, & then used wax cleaner to scrub it. It still took a while but with the heat I think it was a lot easier. I also had the heater on a low setting to help it along. Good luck!