Cleaning paraffin wax bath?


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Jen Smith

Oct 11, 2004
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West Yorkshire
How do you geeks clean out your paraffin wax baths? I top mine up with paraffin wax as it goes down but I have noticed quite a lot of bits under the filter now and would like to give it a good clean out. Any suggestions?
they do get a tad dirty at the my college there were 2 screws floating around the in the rank is that? i dont know how they got them out! i think they ended up having to pure the parafin in the bin because it was so disgusting! sorry i havent been any help...just HAD to share it with you! yucky or what! :p xxx
Thanks Sally .. :eek:

Maybe nobody else cleans their paraffin wax baths? Mine has floating bits now (from the spa products I am guessing). I don't want to have to throw all the wax away, there must be a way of giving it a clean out.

I was thinking about some muslin but I bet the wax would just sit in it?

Any ideas anyone? Please :confused:
How big are the bits? Do they sink to the bottom? If they do, maybe you could turn the heater on until you can lift out the solid wax but leave the liquid wax behind with the bits in it, then strain that, or throw it away. At least you wouldn't lose it all.
No idea if it would work though.

I would think straining it through muslin might work as long as you do it quickly enough to stop it setting on the fabric.
Ok ... seeing that I didnt get much idea's from the geeks that have paraffin wax heaters I thought I would give it a go and see how it went. :eek:

Thanks Rouge for your suggestions :hug:

For anyone who is interested .... I let the paraffin partially set then scooped it out into a 2nd bowl... leaving the filter in the bottom of the bath. I then took out the filter layer and cleaned off this (a lot of goo on here actually) then there was an almost set layer of paraffin in the base well of the bath with just scooped up in two sections and it had all the black bits and bobbins firmly attached to the underside. Once the bath was clear of all paraffin, I give it a good clean out and replaced the paraffin that I had put to one side in the 2nd bowl.

Like new now again!
You're welcome.

Glad you got it sorted.

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