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Nov 16, 2010
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This might sound a daft question but here goes...

How do I get rid of the wax at the bottom of the insert before emptying a new jar into it? I have a wax that I do not like and want to remove it from the pot, but am unsure how to clean all of this off without contaminating it with another!

Thanks guys!
Heat the wax up, pout out as much as you can.

The leave the container to go cold. Then pour in some Wax Equipment Cleaner, leave for a few mins and swirl it around. Leave and swirl. You may find it helpful to scrape around with a spatula. Dispose of the cleaner, and repeat. Do this until completely clean, then I wash mine. Then fill with a Barbicide or equivalent solution and leave for an hour or so before thoroughly rinsing out again.

Thanks, that's very helpful!

I turn wax pot on high, pour old wax out. Let wax pot cool down to warm temp, then get loads of couch roll paper damped down with alot of wax solvent and clean everything down.

I find it is easier to clean when wax pot is warm.
Pour out all old wax into foil, keep the wax heater on low and pour in a small amount of acetone, then get your couch roll and wipe around, this is the very quickest way of removing. Dont use this method on any plastic surfaces though, only on the metal insert and metal heating chamber. Much more effective than the wax equipment cleaner, which is great for the plastic areas only. Let me know what you all think of this method guys!:hug:

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