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Aug 29, 2011
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Hey All!

Just wanted to ask what all you mobile techs use to sterilise your tools whilst out and about.
It would be helpful to know as I am due to qualify in 4 weeks but I would like to start practicing manicure, pedicure and minx on friends between classes.

Thank You in advance :)
I just sterilise as normal, using barbacide or Mundo. I take a bottle with me and decant into a jar at the clients house to put my equipment into, then it is sterilised ready for my next appointment
I keep my in an air tight container and then spray them with a sanitise before use. If I'm only doing one client I then wrap the used tools in couch roll and then wash/clean the tools and soak in Mundro at home.
If I'm doing more than 1 client, I have a small pot of Mundro I put the tools in whilst at the clients
Mundo do a spray sanitiser, which would work well for you x
Thank You :D

Looking at their website now x
i washed out a large glass jar (coffee or hotdogs etc) then i put my tools in there with barbicide and screw lid tight whilst transporting between clients, then get the jar out at clients so they see tools are clean etc. i would have used proper barbicide jar but the lid doesn't screw shut so not ideal for mobile work HTH and good luck
What is Mundo? Where can you get it?

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