Client in a dodgy estate...eek!


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Feb 27, 2012
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I've just had a new client contact me wanting a spray tan tomorrow, but she lives on a notoriously rough estate... I really want her custom but feel like saying I'm fully booked lol! I personally grew up on a council estate so I'm no wuss... but this place is ten times worse than any other place in my city. I've heard of taxi drivers and bus drivers refusing to drive through it lol!

Am i being silly x
I'm mobile (hairdressing) i text my boyfriend the addresses I'm going to, text him when i get there and when i leave. If i was really worried id take someone with me to wait in the car.

She'll probably be lovely and could turn into a good client.

Saying that if you're really not comfortable going to her could she come to you?
not really. Your bound to be a little weary. Why not take someone with you? say your helping them get the hang of it or something?
I text my mum or a friend if I'm weary of going somewhere but she's right they usually end up being nice clients just take someone along and say your training her up :)

When working mobile in North london, I had to go to a few shall we say not to nice estates, I used to be totally honest with the client, and ask where was the best/safest place to park and also get them to meet me in the car park, there is nothing worse than trying to unload your car with all your expensive equipment with hoodied up kids circling on there bikes. x
I hvent got any advice, just want to say I feel for you. Horrible situation to be in. I had to go to a 'rough' area once and it turned out the lady was so lovely. Was quite intimidating going from and back to my car though. I'd say if you are quite bothered/scared about the idea, def take someone with you (the training them up idea is good). You could say she is helping you out at a party of tans the next night so she is just seeing what u do - prepping, setting up, packing away etc (not actual training otherwise you will have to talk her through it all as you're doing it!). You wanna take your friend in with u though, don't reckon they would wanna sit in the car if the area is that bad x
Before I worked in beauty I used to work for a well known party company and once had a referral down in north London, I was very dubious of going and took along a friend but the girls were so lovely we had a great time and that night my orders were the best I'd ever had. They became regulars and always met me at my car and helped carry everything down and on the days I used to deliver the orders and pick up the money they would walk me to my car and wait for me to get off the estate.

If you really do not want to go to the area then don't go but it could turn out to be a really good business gain :D
To be honest if you choose to be mobile then you're mobile! If you pick and choose your area based on your perceptions and 'what you've heard' you will lose out on a lot of business. Every town and city has its share of rough areas and in my experience (7+ years of mobile) 'what you hear' is often exaggerated......

Be sensible, ask her where you can park and tell someone where you're going but really what do you actually think is going to happen to you? Plenty of people visit rough council estates and come out alive :D!!
I'm a believer in going with instinct as it is almost always right for me.

E.g. OH got called out to a job yesterday in a rough part of the next town, fine, hes a big bloke so he went. However when he got there the whole situation seemed very odd, he had the door of his flat wedged open with a brick asking OH to come on in but he seemed very nervous. At that point OH turned and walked away. Yes he lost the job, but tbh when people are acting weird and you know the area is a bit rough, id rather walk and be safe.

Vetty, being mobile does not mean going to places that make you feel uneasy? Why should it? Over here in n.ireland I am happy going to dodgy areas - I feel I know how to handle myself. When I lived in London... let's just say there are some areas I wouldn't chose to work in or go to and i would turn down the work.

I agree with SaraJane - be honest with your client and ask their advice :)
Thanks everyone for your advice!! Im taking my older brother with me :) Hes going to wait in the car for me, bless him. OH is working 2nite or else he would have come.

The girl sounds lovely on the phone which has put me a little at ease! Xx
Thanks everyone for your advice!! Im taking my older brother with me :) Hes going to wait in the car for me, bless him. OH is working 2nite or else he would have come.

The girl sounds lovely on the phone which has put me a little at ease! Xx

That's so sweet of your big brother! Mine would never do that (unless mum got involved! and then he would sulk the whole time!)

Make sure you have an action plan ready xx
As it turns out, the client lived in a fairly nice little cul de sac, my bro sat in the car (i gave him my ipad to play with lol) while i went in but i was done in exactly 20mins - think thats my personal record by the way!!

Id have no problem going back to that particular street on my own, and i think she'll def be a repeat client. Yay for me!! Xx

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