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Apr 24, 2007
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Adelaide, Australia
Hi there i have another assignment to be done and would like opinions please. As i got a Distinction on my last assignment after having it looked over by other geeks i value you proffesional opinions. Ok here it goes

Clients Referral Assignment

A patient has come into you clinic presenting with symptoms that are outside you scope or ability in you current practice to assess or treat. Outline the following information:
a) A set of such symptoms that you may be likely to encounter in your clinic
b) Why you would not be able to treat the client
c) Who would you refer them to (what type of practitioner)

a) A client has presented with redness and swelling along the eponychium on the index finger. There are also signs of pus present.

b) A manicurist should not treat any client with signs of infection, inflammation, swelling or broken skin. There fore as there is inflammation, swelling and probable infection I would not be able to treat this client.

c) I would refer this client to a GP (general practitioner) to have treatment for this.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Your answers sound good to me. The only thing I would add is that you may want to mention in answer (b) that the reason you would not treat the client is because-

  1. Risk of cross-contamination.
  2. You may make the condition worse nd therefor the healing time would be longer.
Hope that helps.:hug:

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