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Aug 29, 2010
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Nail geeks ... Need some help
I have had one of my waxing clients contact me asking me if I can sort her nails. I only do gelicure but don't do acrylics or hard gels so I'm not entirely sure if I can do what she's asking .... This is what she sent me

I have gelish on my nails with tips, how much do u charge to remove old gelish and paint fresh, the lady that normally does them files them then puts gel over my nail and tip before the new colour .

The tips are extensions glued on with gel set under uv then a gelish colour on top set under uv .

Any advice is appreciated :) thanks
Is it gelish hard gel, because you mention the tips? if so file the colour off and reapply without leaving the basecoat. If it is gelish soak off than wrap fingers in foil and cotton wool with gelish remover or acetone. Leave it for 15 minutes and then you can gently push the gelish from the nail with a rosewoodstick. Prep the nails, basecoat, color coat, top coat
Removing hard gel without training is not something I would advise tbh hun. It can be tricky enough with training as its a buff off gel and you have to be super careful when getting close to the natural nail.

Unless your client knows exactly what products were used it would be impossible to tell if it is hard or soak off gel. Is the client going to want tips re applied too? It may be wise to turn this one away hun x
I would clarify with the lady if she is wanted her enhancements removed and gelicure applied to her natural nails.

or she just wants a fresh colour over her enhancements.

Either of the above two option you should be able to offer no problem but if she is wanting the enhancement rebalanced and then a fresh colour then (unless you have enhancement training) apologise that you can't offer that
Think I might have to ring her and see if she knows exactly what has been used as I wouldn't feel comfortable messing around with enhancements I'm not trained in ! I have already emailed her twice and so far that is all I have managed to get out of her. Thanks for the replies. I know different gel systems are removed differently and I wouldn't even know where to start with acrylics....

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