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Aug 10, 2006
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Has anyone (I'm sure there are many of you) had 1 2 1 training with a CND embassador? I could do with a session or two to get my pink and white's spot on. Does anyone know how long a session lasts and how much it costs?

yes i was very lucky to have had a couple of hours 1 to 1 with MARCO BENITO.

Cant remember exactly how much that was but it was worth every penny, you get LOADS crammed in in just a couple of hours!

I don't think he teaches anymore but im sure sweet squared can put you onto your nearest ambassador

Good luck !

Amb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have had a couple of 121 before and they are worth it !! get everything answered and get to know your teacher.. I know I've learnt more than in the class room , but that might just be me, don't like to ask alot in class !
I have just had my first one earlier this week. It was definitely worth it to get instant answers, help with my specific problems and my teacher all to myself. I learnt far more in two hours than I could have done in two days in the classroom. I will definitely be having more in the future. :)
Hi, just had a 121 with CND. Go for it, can talk about all your worries or nail probs if u have any. I was there for 2 and a half hours and cost me nearly £200 but that did include a L&P starter kit as i was converting to the product.
Thanks for all your comments, I think I will definately be booking a session or two in the near future.

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