CND Brisa Gel system, have a few questions? Canadian Peeps please help.


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Dec 15, 2007
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Thunder Bay
Hello to everyone here, I just joined the site, and I have a few questions, I just purchased the cnd brisa gel system, I used to use opi acrylic, I did ine half of my hand using the brisa clear tips, and overlay with the gel and uv light, however you can still see the line from the tip, I really focused on blending the tip that was provided in the kit, which is a clear tip, and the gel is just a very light pink gel, but I am not completely happy with the lines, does anyone have any pointers on blending, or has any one else experienced this with the brisa tips, I did however last night, put on one of my french white tips on my right hand and did the same procedure with the gel, and I think it actually looked good, however the gal from creative nail design said you can't you use other tips, only cnd tips, I did put my white french on, and so far no problems, has anyone tried using white french tips with the brisa gel overly, any help would be greatly appreciated.
You are not really advised to use white tips with gel as the UV light does not work that well with them (it reflects off the tip)
It sounds as if your problem is more with the blending - could you return to your educator for some more tuition ?
I actually use Velocity natural tips which blend like a dream and then use paint on white for the tips.
Along with what Adele just said- it's all about your blending if you are seeing a line. :)

Are you pre-blending your tip before you apply it? This can involve removing some of the well also.

Remember, you want the strength of your finished product to be IN YOUR PRODUCT, and not in your tip! The tip is a STRUCTURE, not the canvas. ;)

And the clear tips must be used for a complete cure- otherwise the gel could peel away from the tip, or what is also referred to as "service breakdown."

The rules and procedures that come along with product lines are there for a reason, follow them as closely as possible if you want the best long-term results. ;)

Good luck!
hi i use a cnd pink but its a blush pink i think . it covers better than the other pink i got in my kit just incase you havent blended enough good luck lisa:):)
CND also have a 'cool' pink and a 'warm' pink coverage gel in the Brisa line (for different skin tones). These two gels are opaque and cover any blemishes on the nail or tips that have not been blended all the way. I still think you need to learn to blend your tips all the way though. Coverage gels are not an excuse to dosloppy work.

If you are using a clear or clear/pink gel, you can use any tip at all with your Brisa Gels including white French Tips. Because the gel is clear, it will cure all the way through over any tip (even ones that are not made by CND).

It is only when using the Sculpting White Gel that you need to always use clear tips to make sure the white gel cures all the way through. I hop0e this clears that point up.
Hello to all who have responded to my questions, and thank you for the advice, I've scouted the site alittle and seen the popit's demo, and would like to know if they are sold in Canada, or is their a u.s com. selling that I could purchase from, the system looks great! also could I still use my brisa gel with the popit's, and one more question, where is the best company for me to purchase a starter kit with instructional dvd to learn, thanks in advance karyn
do another search on here there is a supplier in Florida that does them. i think they are called duel system forms there.

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