CND brushes => nr 6 or 8?


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Apr 16, 2007
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I was wondering how many of you that use only the prostyler or the sculptor? Or do you combine the nr 6 for doing zone 1 and nr 8 for zone 2 and 3?

I am asking since i ordered the nr 8 from the master series. I am very happy with it since i got rid of my airbubbels in my acrylic in no time which was a problem the past few months when using CND acrylic. But i find it to be pretty big and difficult to control the shape of the brush when working * probably have to practise some more with it*
Is it possible to do the smile line with the nr 8? or is it recommended to use a nr 6 instead?
I use my Prostyler to do all my smile lines as well as my other zones.

I have them both , i chop and change , for smaller nail beds i tend to choose my sculptor brush, i cant say which is my favourate:)
Allright...that was a clear answer :green: Better buy the sculptor brush aswell then :lol: Those new brushes are so light...i like em a lot. I am only not to keen on the color, but that is just plain nagging i guess :o

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