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Aug 12, 2003
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Hi all.... I'm having a bit of trouble with my acetone free remover... I'm finding it takes tons of the stuff, loads of remover pads AND takes absolutely ages for the enamel to come off! I'm curious if anyone else has the same problem.

I use CND remover so I know its good quality but I don't understand why I'm having problems. I also use the CND enamels including the base coats and top coats... could this be the cause as they are very good and longlasting?

I find the problem is with both natural nails and enhancements.

Any help please?
Hey Tamm, I assume you mean Designer Nails remover (CND no longer does an enamel remover).

Call up Designer Nails as there was a batch some time ago that was a misformulation from the manufacturers.
Hi Tamm,

I don't use non acetone remover as I feel that the time it takes to remove the varnish compared to acetone removers can do probably more damage to the enhancements, skin or natural nails.

I retail non-acetone remover as I try to discourage people from removing their varnish too often - I had one lady who changed her varnish twice in two days using acetone based remover and wondered why her nails were a bit tacky LOL.

If you have Doug Schoon's book on Product Chemistry then there is a section in there on acetone - if you don't have it THEN WHY NOT LOL - it is certainly worth getting.
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