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May 15, 2010
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Hi all you nail geeks,

Anyone recommencd which CND products gives a nice french manicure.

Also does french manicure guides (strips) work. (I seen these in Ellisons catalogue).

All advice on this greatly appreciated, as I am going mobile and not confident with doing polish bit.

Hiya , those manicure guides are a nightmare...the best way to do a french polish with enamel is practice practice practice....just keep painting white smile lines as often as you can on old spare tips or just on your own nails...over and over...eventually you will be able to do it no probs...and you will look far more experianced than if using a guide.
why not try dashing diva? french manicures where my worst nightmare until dashing diva arrived and they look amazing and are so simple to apply! search dashing diva on salon geek there is loads of threads about them! or have a look on sweet squared to see the products x hth!
Ohhh yes...Dashing diva are fab..I love them...They last 10-14 days and look perfect and all symetrical...:)

They are quick, easy, last longer than enamel, less drying time as no white enamel is used, easily removed by the client as you would enamel with acetone.

Brill, love em.
Can DD be used with Shellac, Gelish etc?
yeah! until i get my shellac lamp etc i have been overlaying with clear calgel :)
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