CND Shellac - Beauty Bay vs Beverly Beaute?


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Nov 11, 2013
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Hi guys,

Does Anyone purchased CND shellac from either Beauty Bay or Beverly Beaute website? I am totally new to shellac and I would like to purchase some but I get so confused because both of these website sold CND Shellac with completely different prices. I am so worry that they might be a knockoff. I have totally no idea where to get the real CND Shellac kits set. I have been to some salon but they seems kind of doggy about CND SHellac.... so..... its very hard to purchase REAL CND SHELLAC products ><

I would love to hear from you all soon. Please do give me some advises.
Welcome to the site.

CND are the authorised distributors of Shellac, with Ellisons being their sub-distributors. You know for sure with either of these companies, that you'll be getting the real deal.

Not much more that can be said really, although the search facility will throw up plenty of other threads about the other companies you've mention, with an abundance of reasons not to use them.

In the meantime, as your Profile suggests you are not a Nail Professional, this thread has been moved to Consumer Queries.

I can only add that using professional products or systems when unqualified to do so, could do more harm than good, possibly resulting in permanent damage.
Hi if you want a shellac kit go to sweet squared website and register with them. There has been comments n threads that beverlybeaute is an unauthorised seller of shellac.

Oh yeah... That's providing you are a professional and are qualified of corse

Nicola! Xxx
thanks so much nicola x

btw so only professional can purchase CND shellac sets in sweet squared right|? I would please like to ask do you know anywhere in manchester can do CND SHellac? because i have been searching many places but they are not good.. ( they dont actually used CND shellac on your nails. :( )
Go here and search you should find a salon near you


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For a salon near you go to

CND Shellac & Vinylux

Or you could contact the Creatve Nail Academy in Leigh near Manchester who will know all of the bonefied users of genuine Shellac in your area (many who use other things say they use Shellac when they do not).
Creative Nail Academy 08452000311
I just seen I had an email off you asking if we do cnd shellac at our salon, yes we do a complete cnd shellac service. However if you are looking to
Purchase this we wouldn't be able to help you we apply the products for a 2 week manicure we do not tell or show you how to use it or where to buy it as it's a professional product. If you like the colour we can retail you a vinylux though at the rrp price.
hi please may i know the address of your salon ? also do i need to book an appointment ? many thanks
hi please may i know the address of your salon ? also do i need to book an appointment ? many thanks

Hi :) I currently work mobile in the Manchester area and offer CND Shellac, all genuine products used :) pm me if you would like a chat or to book :) x

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