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Feb 18, 2012
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Hey all,

This might sound a bit daft but here goes....
I have been using CND Shellac (that I purchased from Sweet Squared) and I visited a friend of mine's new home salon (who also does CND Shellac) and noticed that her Base Coat had a black label on the back (mine is Silver), when I mentioned a difference she said it was from America and had been purchased by a friend of hers on her holiday for her as its cheaper (£ to $). She has offered to buy some for me next time her friend goes (apparently she visits frequently to visit family).
So my daft question is: Are the labels/packaging different Stateside (USA)?!

Thanks in advance! :)
I buy my shellac from official sources only and have noticed subtle changes to the labels over time. It's a bit weird but I know that the shellac I'm using is the real deal because I think "well why wouldn't it be?"
Many years ago when Shellac was first launched the labels were black on both top and base coats. Only the writing was in either gold or silver, after a while they changed the labels to the metalic colours so perhaps she has older stock??
Hmmmm. Still sceptical, any Americanos out there who can help? The back of the bottle had all the right info on the back in silver writing, but you never can be too sure :confused:

Thanks so far for the comments x
My shellac base coat and top coat both have black backs. Brought those from ellisons around 1 month ago.

My large topcoat I brought from s2 has a metallic back.

Think it may just be the older bottles.

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I've got black backs on my top and base coats. Purchased from sweet squared only 2 weeks ago x

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