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Oct 19, 2011
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CND are em'powerpolish'ing Virgin's therapists by training them in the art of Shellac. Hannah Rowland, CND's UK Education Ambassador of Year 2011, was sent to West Sussex with one mission: to create Virgin Atlantic's first CND Shellac Masters.

In the only way that the lovely Hannah Rowland knows how, she kicked off a fun-filled two day training session with energy and Beyonce's 'Rule The World'. The first day saw eight Virgin Atlantic therapists attend classes on knowledge, fashion nail looks and general updates on all things CND Shellac. Virgin's therapists covered Shellac Nail Art, Shellac French and Tiny Tunnels (Shellac Removal). They were treated to full demonstrations of PEP, colour application and CND Shellac Rock Star. Needless to say, under the excellent tutelage of Hannah, all attendees completed all the looks.

The soundtrack to day two was equally fitting. While Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' bounced around the training room, four Virgin Therapists became certified CND Shellac Masters. They undertook the Master Painter class and Shellac Master Application class which included videos from Chad Conger, Shellac French Nail Styles and French Application. Following this, there were full demonstrations of PEP, Funky French, Layering, Rock Star Art and full colour.

Hannah commented on the extremely high standards of the in-house therapist team and said they displayed skills second to none. As of now, CND Shellac is the power polish of choice for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Lounges and passengers.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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