CND vs Jessica manicure product ranges


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Mar 23, 2012
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I was just wondering which of these ranges you geeks prefer as I can't decide!
CND!!! :biggrin: Just my fave out of the two, have you tried working with both products?xx
Worked with both I much prefer cnd! X
Nope! But after hours of searching I've narrowed it down to two!
well I really like using cnd and their colours are beautiful - the only other make I like using are opi xx
and cnd manicure and ped products smell delish too!x
almond for manicures and earth for pedi xx
The citrus is gorgeous too really fresh and smells and feels divine. Im going to order the almond soon too.

I cant speak for jessica, i know there is a male geek on here who loves it sorry cant think of his name sorry honey.

I can champion cnd though. Their products are pure luxury and i absolutely love their polish range.

Have you looked at they have more info on their site and if you go on youtube you can watch their luxury manis and pedis from start to finish, gaurantee youll be ooooohing within seconds.

X x x

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