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Feb 27, 2012
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I have had THE WORST nights sleep! Went to sleep last night very unsettled and woke up with a huge horrible cold soar!

Do any of you lovely people have any tips to get rid of this thing a quickly as possible as I have a party Sunday :( ;(

I have been putting ice and Zovirax on it!
Thank you!!
Aww hun I suffer from them too! Ugly things! I use compeed it's like a plaster, clear and works for me. My mum tells me to spray perfume on them but am a chicken!

Hope this has helped.

My dad bought me a little light from boots, you hold it on the cold sore for 3 minutes a few times a day and it boosts the immune system in the area. I've found it really helps clear sores up quickly, they don't get big if I zap them early enough and since using it I don't get them as often! I still use tescos brand of cream as I find it sinks in to the skin better than Zovirax. Good luck x
I suffer all the time with them. I use Compeed but my friend uses the light, think it's called Virolight or something. She swears by it and used it the night before her wedding, she was coldsore free for her big day. Don't know how early you have to catch it though xx
I get nasty coldsores on my nose! Very embarassing lol. I've always used essential oils on them, lavender and tea tree as these 2 are safe to use neat on the skin. However I read that peppermint oil is one of the only things that can kill the herpes virus so now I dab a teeny bit on with a coton bud. Got to be really careful not to touch surrounding skin because it is super strong stuff! It feels a bit like burning cold and then all itchiness and throbbing disappears. Last few where I've tried this they've gone away a LOT faster and some hardly break out at all. Amazing stuff!

Air x
I absolutely swear by Zovirax for two things - to stop them coming out when you feel the tingle - catching it early is the key! And when i get one I literally apply it every hour (I had a wedding to go to once so was desperate to clear it up) and it stopped it coming out as big. Plus it seemed to clear it up alot quicker! Oh a orange juice - plenty of VitininC!
Thankyou! I hate them! In our jobs they just look horrible and unsightly! Il try all of your tips and I am also going to buy that light! :) hope it clears up quick! I get one at least every 3 months! They are a nightmare! :( ufft! Thankyou all though!xxx
My dad bought me a little light from boots, you hold it on the cold sore for 3 minutes a few times a day and it boosts the immune system in the area. I've found it really helps clear sores up quickly, they don't get big if I zap them early enough and since using it I don't get them as often! I still use tescos brand of cream as I find it sinks in to the skin better than Zovirax. Good luck x
Hi Laneypants.
I suffer badly from them aswell and i use the creams/patches and have taken oral meds before when they were really bad,but they never clear up any quicker!
Can you give me anymore info on the light you use please?
I have a big nasty one that appeared yesterday am when i got out the shower and by lunchtime was huge!x
Yes it's the boots own brand and costs about £10 I think! Im sure its simular to the virulight someone mentioned. I've thrown the packaging but I'm sure it's an infra red light. I don't tend to get the warning tingle and just wake up with them so start using it immediately. As I say I combine it with tescos acyclovir cream and it all works well. I tried the compeed patches which just made the sores go soggy and take longer to heal, the light has been the best thing I've tried although I'm gonna get some peppermint oil too now! My dad has always had massive outbreaks on his mouth and eyes and since he got his light he hardly gets them now, he does take b complex vitamins aswell which he reckons helps. It is horrible in this line of work, I do intimate waxing and I wonder what must go through people's minds when I'm leaning over their privates with a nice crusty coldsore!
I have another HUGE COLD SOar! I give up with any creams they do t work! :( :(
Lemon oil from holland and barratts! It's fab, I suffered with them all though my teens and it was horrible. My uncle suggested it to me and it works wonders. Put 2 drops on a plate or in a bowl an add 2 drops of water (equal parts however many drops u use) and dab it onto the coldsore with a q tip. Costs a couple of punds but so worth it. Xx
I have been using a lip balm called Carmex since 2003 and hardly get a cold sore now. I get really dry lips and it was recommended to me by the lady who did my wedding make-up.

If I do get one I just keep applying my Carmex and it seems to keep it from spreading and drying out, so hardly shows really...obviously I still know it is there...horrid things. I am absolutely paranoid about passing it to my husband and won't let him near me while I have one...they are so contagious aren't they! Carmex is fab stuff though, I thoroughly recommend it :).

The light sounds interesting.
I also suffer from these and up until a few yrs ago alway used Zovirax but felt this didn't help it was like it was feeding it as it always got bigger and spread. Then 1 day the tingling started so I went to the chemist. She suggested toothpaste. Every time I feel it coming on the toothpaste comes out and within a couple of days it's gone. If your going to try this remember to take it off before you go out lol x
As well as the things listed above, I find ibuprofen reduces the swelling and makes it look better :)

Drying the top layer of the sore using alcohol and exfoliating it will make any makeup you use to cover it look better, too. I feel your pain! I get them whenever I'm stressed x
Another one who swears by the boots light. It's amazing! I have suffered from then for 23/24 years and I am immune to all the creams out there.

I use the light as soon as I feel it. I use compeed patches during the day to stop me touching and picking and overnight so I don't spread the virus to my pillow and other places on my face and if you can a sauna or steam room or even a sun bed works wonders to dry it up fast.
Another cold soar! Booo hoo! I'm writing it here so I can keep track of dates!

fucidin from the Drs, works a treat!
Hi Clare..
Just a thought but it looks like you have had quite a few cold sores recently, are you run down? Tired? Are you eating properly? Have you had a bout of flu or a cold, (antibiotics can also aggravate them by the way) Do you use sun beds or been in the sun alot (again can stimualte the virus) its not unusual to get a few in row as the virus will travel up the nerve cells and lie dormant. They are more common when you have your period or during hormonal changes (so if you have changed your contraceptive pill etc). I really would look at boosting your immune system, if your diet isnt great then take a vitamin supplement, with extra vit C, drink more water, eat plenty of fruit and veg, stay out of the sun and off the sun beds.
Eucalyptus citradora is the most effective aromatherapy oil to use, just dab it on wit a q tip. I swear by zovirex, but you really need to get it on before the coldsore comes up.....
Good luck
If you are having these many I would get to the doctors hunny. Last 2 lots of breakouts I have been prescribed the Zovirax tablets for them. That can also be used as a preventative measure for a few months to calm the virus back down to dormant.
I have one of these ugly beasts right now just got the tablets it's so swollen and sore! Makes me feel dirty :-( apparently the doc said its probably all the sunshine so always use your SPF I know I will be from now on.Xx

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