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Mar 11, 2003
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i recently bought a college manicure kit at the start of my course i have only used them a few times and all the metal tools have started to go rusty lookin? is this down to leavin them in sterilization too long or should i complain about the tools and ask for replacements???
Hi there, unfortunately it will be down to sterilising them. When you buy college kits they are usually run of the mill products and if you try to return them, they will tell you that you left them in sterilising fluid too long or something to that effect. I have had trouble with cuticle nippers seizing up on me cos they were in fluid too long. Its probably best to sterilise for minimum time, rinse and dry thoroughly, some even oil them after drying but I1m not convinced thats very hygienic (after all, oil will attract dust, etc)
Sorry I can`t give you any good news but you could get your tutor on side and ask her if they could be replaced, after all, she should have told you the correct way to sterilise and if you`ve gone wrong it may be her misguidance.
when were performing the manicure they have us leave our equipment in a tub of barbacide for the duration of the manicure. thats the way they have taught us
My point exactly Nikita, I`ll stand corrected if I`m wrong, and there are plenty on here helpful enough to tell me, but I wash my equipment after each manicure and sterilise for only 10 minutes in barbicide, then rinse and dry. I`m almost positive that it says on the barbicide bottle (either that or in a text book) that tools shouldn`t be used on a client with barbicide on them, they need to be rinsed. I f you are leaving tools in liquid all that time, then surely they will rust. I would definitely take it up with the tutor.
Debs is right!

Tools should be rinsed prior to use ESPECIALLY if you have mixed the fluid to sterilization strength! There are some pretty heavy chemicals in these liquids and they should not come in contact with the skin. There are warnings on the bottle.

In any case, disinfection is all that is needed ... unless your tools have come in contact with body fluids... and you can buy a brillient spray to disinfect that needs no rinsing. Its CHEAP its EASY. Called Chlorispray. Just spray your files and your tools after every usage and away you go. AND the alcohol does not affect the life of your tools or make them 'stiff' like barbicide. Nor do your tools needto sit on the desk in gross looking liquid with bits floating in it!!! As I see in many salons. ;)
thanks geeg and debbie,

ill take it up with the tutor when im next in. really they should be teachin us the proper way i would of thought.
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